Dr. Vikas Amte is the Secretary and Chief Functionary of Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora (MSS), headquartered at Anandwan in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. He is popularly known as a Leprosy Rights Activist and a social entrepreneur changing the lives of millions of people with leprosy and other disabilities.

Dr. Vikas Amte an innovative scientist by knowledge, a create researcher by need, a developed environmental entrepreneur by trade, a liberated management executive by profession, a genuine financier by intelligence, a sincere social worker by roots, and a learned physician by education. He would have liked to become an engineer, but seeing the need for a doctor at Anandwan he studied medicine.

Dr. Vikas heads the organization MSS which is a pioneering institution and an apex nongovernmental referral centre for people afflicted with leprosy. MSS was established in 1949 by his father, Muralidhar Devidas alias Baba Amte with the basic objective of treating and rehabilitating Leprosy Patients and giving them a life with dignity and self-respect through productive work.

Dr. Vikas derived his purpose from the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Leprosy work is not mere relief; it is transforming frustration of life into the joy of dedication, personal ambition into selfless service”. Vikas who has committed his life to changing the direction of his field, says, “I crave to discover new challenges and accept them. Instead of being called as a doctor, I would like to be called as a social mechanic with an oil can, who goes around and offers his help wherever he sees a breakdown”.